With HOME reclaimed our goals centered around the ability to see the beauty, resources and intrinsic value that existed in a 1938 Tudor and transform this character seamlessly into a 2014 modern dwelling.

Our plan was extreme. We set out to achieve a 5 Star Built Green rating, a certified HERS index score of 55, ENERGY STAR qualification and Water-Sense certification. We also aimed to far surpass the current standards set by the WA State Energy Code on the construction. It is a challenge even with a traditional remodel to meet current structural, energy, and life safety code standards. When you add state of the art systems, building air sealing, reclaimed finishes and throughout the way thoughtfully design the appearance of the final structure to compliment its environment, you begin to think with an epic mindset.

Responsible builders and designers are exploring the realm of sustainable homes. With the overwhelming amount of "Green" products, philosophies and strategies it is easy to lose focus on what we see as the most crucial aspect of sustainable design and construction; reclaiming, salvaging and up-sourcing valuable resources that exist now. In our eyes these materials belong in our homes not in the landfill. These assets have had a past life in buildings and with our thoughtful detailing and craft can have a future life in our work. HOME reclaimed showcases this philosophy.